Attention Teenagers and Parents

“It’s what you do when you don’t have to, that determines what you will be, when you can no longer help it.” – unknown

This is one of my favorite sayings, which I internalized during my 23 year life insurance sales and management career, and during the 14 years I taught high schoolers who had dropped out of school. You might want to share this post with your pre-teen and teenaged children or grandchildren. 

You don’t have to get an education, but when you say no to education, you say yes to a life of poverty.

You don’t have to do your best in school, but someday you may have to compete for a spot in the college of your choice. That is when you will understand why doing your best could have made a difference.
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What could two months of “no refined sugar” do for you?

As some of you know, I began a “no sucrose” (refined sugar) regimen on June 11, 2015. Two months later here are some of the most striking results: (1) I am 15 pounds lighter!(243 lbs on June 11th, 228 lbs on August 11th. Yay!( 2) My body girth (around the love handles) is 42 inches – down from 43. Yay!  (3) I no longer experience the afternoon blahs. I am still perky into the early evening. Yay! Oh, did I mention that at age 72 I no longer need to be concerned about frequent trips to the urinal? Yay!, Yay!Just another benefit of removing refined sugar from my diet. If you have been thinking about doing something to make you feel more in control of your health, you should consult with your doctor about this, and then give it a try. It sure is working for me. WHY NOT DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE ONLY HOUSE YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN? Is anyone out there doing anything similar and getting results that should be shared? #goodhealth, #sugar, #sucrose,

Quick recap of my Sucrose-free Adventure plus current stats

Have you ever thought about reducing, or quitting the intake of refined sugar (sucrose)? Well, so have I. In fact, there were two time in my life (years ago) when I quit, almost entirely, ingesting sucrose. I say almost because there undoubtedly were times when the ubiquity of sucrose in our food supply slipped unnoticed into my mouth.

I would like to invite you on an adventure with me. For four months, I am going to put myself on the spot by declaring my intention to quit sucrose use almost entirely, and to document the differences such a decision can make on the mental and physical well-being.

The longest I’ve ever gone without sucrose was a little over one year. You may be wondering what that was like (if you aren’t you should be). Well, here is a list of the changes I noticed during my time of abstinence from sucrose:

1)     Clearer thinking

2)     Greater muscle strength totally unattributable to exercise

3)     Rapid weight loss with a concurrent gain in energy

4)     A much-reduced need for sleep

5)     Disappearance of achiness in joints, hands, feet and back

If you find these beneficial results interesting, so did I. Imagine eating less sugar (sucrose) and having more energy. That almost sounds like a oxymoron. In fact, I could hardly believe what I was experiencing!

What prompted me to undertake such an iconoclastic venture? It was not my personal brilliance; although according to my wife I do have a modicum of that. The real reason was my self-observation.

Since early childhood, my runny nose had been a not so minor source of irritation, if not outright distress. The constant throat-clearing and nose-blowing probably contributed to my early reticence to do public speaking.

I didn’t have to be the swiftest boat in the harbor to figure out that eating sweets was the main, if not only reason for my discomfort.

For those of you who don’t crave sweets, this part of the conversation is not for you. But I can guarantee that at a later time in this adventure I will introduce attention-getting concepts for you too.

CURRENT STATS: As of June 20, 2015 (about six weeks into my Adventure) my weight is now 231 lbs (down 12 pounds!). My girth only dropped 1/2 inch to 42 1/2 inches. My energy level remains high and I am becoming more limber.

JOIN ME! The first three days were the most challenging. For now, the cravings for refined sugar are pretty much gone.

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Ever Wonder What Living Sucrose-Free (Refined Sugar) Would Feel Like?

Well, on June 11, 2015 I began living 95% sucrose free (I’ll explain the 95% figure in a later post). If you’ve ever tried this, you know how difficult it is. I would like to share my experience on this  four-month adventure with you so that you might be encouraged to join me on a ride that could greatly improve your mental and physical health.

I am not a doctor, so don’t expect any medical advice. I will only describe my experiences to give you an idea of what can happen to someone who decides to give up almost all refined sugar.

Here are my starting measurements: weight 241 lbs,  6’3″ tall, waist tape-measured at 43 inches around my widest point (including love handles).

Next week I will post the changes I have observed since June 11th.  I invite you to join me, if you dare.

Some thoughts from a Father for Fathers

What is a father’s role?

  1. Protector – provide a safe environment
  2. Provider – provide a reliable source of income
  3. Nurturer – give comfort for hurts and encouragement for achievements
  4. Confidante – be someone they can talk to about anything
  5. Coach – Teach them how to think, not so much what to think
  6. Guidance counselor – have and share a vision for what they can be
  7. Role Model – live what they should do and be

Can you love each child the same?

Love, yes. Treat both the same? Probably not. Each child brings a unique set of attitudes, responses, perceptions, likes and dislikes. As parents we tend to respond to people, including our children, based on how they respond to us. Continue reading Some thoughts from a Father for Fathers

Parenting 101 – Important Insights

Treasure your children, but do not worship them. Never forget that you are caregivers for what you and God co-created.

Like most other mammals, your primary parenting task is to raise your child in such a way that he or she can survive and thrive after you are dead. That’s the plain truth. Continue reading Parenting 101 – Important Insights

Ever wondered how veteran couples remain married for so long?

Could your relationship benefit from knowing how successful couples have made it?

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Pictured: Detroit and Trula

The website is going to answer those questions and much much more in the coming weeks.
My name is Detroit Flanagan. My wife Trula and I have been happily married for over 50 years. We began as high school sweethearts and were married on September 1, 1963. We are the proud parents of two adult daughters who have been married for 16 and 17 years respectively. Our girls have blessed us with six grandsons and two awesome sons-in-law. Continue reading Ever wondered how veteran couples remain married for so long?

Relationship success and solutions for every day living.